Hyper 8 - Flush Underbody



A Seven is no wonder of aerodynamics. Neither is a Hyper 8, but it is a little bit better..









By making the underbody completely flush, no unwanted drag is produced underneath the car.


By redesigning the sides of the body, from rounded to sharp edges, the intrusion of unwanted air will be significantly reduced. Thus helping the flush underbody to produce some underpressure. Viola! An aerodynamical advantage.


This design also opens for the possibility to use venturi side-fins since the back of the chassis has a "kick-up".


The nose cone will be redesigned in order to prevent air from being pushed under the car. This will be done by simply cutting out the underside of the nose cone. Simple but efficient.


In order to achieve the goal of having a completely flush underbody, the engine must be rised slightly. This might seem like a disadvantage.

Well, think of it like this..

When this car will be raced there will be a stipulated minimum ground clearance. Since we rised the engine we can lower the entire car without breaking any rules.

The result is actually a lower center of gravity.

We like to think of it as racing philosophy in a nutshell.




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