Hyper 8 - Philosophy



"If it is not on your car; it cant break, it weighs nothing and it is for free."














Keeping a racing car as simple as possible is a very important rule. It is also a very tricky rule to stick to.


Asking the question "why?" before installing anything (and we mean "anything") is a good start.


Translate this to "Think, think, think" and you are on the way.


To assemble a racing car is a simple task.

To come up with brilliant ideas is also relatively simple.

To scrutinize your own ideas, before commencing, is the hard part.


The cost-to-gain ratio is also very important.

By replacing every possible part whith carbon-fibre materials, the car would become much lighter but also very expensive.

The Hyper 8 will be built in an affordable manner, meaning that anyone owning a Seven should easily be able to copy our ideas without going bankrupt.



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